Glam Fold Makeup Organizer

29,99€ 49,99€

The ultimate travel makeup bag

It`s time to organize your busy life! This organizer is great for women who want to stay prepared! Take it on your travels and you'll have easy access to all your essentials.

Inside the four compartmentsm you'll find enought compartments for your makeup and belongings that roll into discrete and compact bag you can easily carry with you!

Keep your things secure from exposure and in instant access so you can travel well accommodated! Stay active without leaving anyu of your essentials behind!


Why is this Organizer for you

Compactly organized- Fill up four compartments then fold them into a compact bag to save tons of space in your luggage!

Leave nothing behind- Find a place for all your makeup essentials for seamless access to your belongings wherever you are!

Uncompromisable protection- A lot of this could go wrong when travelling with makeup! This organizer guarentees everything with stay intact!

Travel safely knowing all your belongings are safe, secure and always within reach!

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